Lorde took to Twitter this weekend to call out a paparazzo who has allegedly been getting way too close to the seventeen-year-old, and it’s a chilling reminder of how much we seem to think that celebrities’ lives belong to the collective celeb-obsessed culture.

She identified the photographer as Simon Runting, and apparently he won’t leave her alone. It seems that Runting has crossed the line far past doing his job, and Lorde feels like her safety is threatened.



This is pretty fucking badass, for lack of a better term, because I’m guessing that like most people who use intimidation and fear, paparazzi like Runting count on their subjects to stay quiet.

Lorde acknowledges that it’s part of the fame game–arguably you lose a bit of your privacy when you sign up to be famous.

But fear, intimidation, and stalking aren’t part of the game, and exist firmly outside of what Lorde and other celebrities sign up for. No seventeen-year-old (or anyone for that matter) should be made to feel unsafe just because he or she is famous–you don’t lose the right to safety and security or ownership of your life just because you have a hit record.

While I tend to think of paparazzi photos as just part of being famous, it’s important to remember that these celebrities are just people who want to eat their lunch in peace, and any photo I see of a famous person walking around town means that that person was being followed by loud, obnoxious paparazzi snapping their cameras and harassing him or her. Lorde’s rant is an important reminder of the ugly way in which celebrity sausage gets made. Back the hell off.

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images