It’s really bizarre to live in a world where Usher can’t lob the softest, gentlest criticism at Chris Brown (suggesting he probably maybe kind of shouldn’t have been photographed on a jet-ski one month after beating Rihanna) without having to retract it immediately and apologize profusely… while Loretta Devine can weigh in with the opposite of a reasonable opinion on the matter and will likely come out unscathed.

On Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, Devine had only great things to say about Brown, her This Christmas costar. Get ready:

When Cohen asked her whether or not she thought Breezy deserved a second chance with his ex-flame Rihanna, Devine exclaimed she didn’t think the pair ever broke up. Although she presumably doesn’t have any inside info, the Waiting to Exhale star explained, “Love is love, you know? And he wasn’t the first one to hit somebody.”

Ah, the old “people have been beaten before” explain-away (!!!). Devine went on to describe him as “a very youthful boy,” and added that she figured Rihanna’s relationship with baseball player Matt Kemp was just a sham to “throw everybody off.”

Annnnnddddd… hopefully that’s the last we hear about this for a while.

(via Clutch)