Did you know it was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day yesterday? It was. My reaction was “why would they celebrate this now, when Intolerance day is so soon? It would be like having “sweetheart day” on February 13th.” No. Sorry. Joking. Intolerance day is not a real holiday, although I’m sure Hallmark is on it. But apparently people are coming out in droves to support Chick-fil-A. While I love (love) Chick-fil-A’s  food and would, honestly, probably eat some nuggets if they were handed to me, I don’t love their outlook on homosexuality, and I would prefer to patronize chains that do not proudly oppose gay marriage. So, I was curious if there were any people who supported Chick-fil-A for reasons other than “they really oppose gay marriage.” I mean, in part because I’d like to find a good excuse to eat there. Here are some tweets where people explain their views:[ITPGallery]