Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

We’re been liveblogging the Oscars all night and positively loving so much of what we’re seeing (and disliking quite a bit, too, but that’s besides the point). One of our absolutely favorite moments of the show so far: that perfect few seconds when Best Supporting Actress nominee Lupita Nyong’o got right up during Pharrell‘s performance and danced with him.

Pharrell wore his favorite hat type–similar to his giant Vivienne Westwood collab with Yosemite Sam (okay, I made that part up) from the 2014 Grammy Awards that we loved–to perform “Happy” onstage with a bunch of adorable kids as backup dancers. Lupita got right up there and looked cooler than anything ever in her insanely beautiful Prada gown:

And as if that wasn’t enough, here is Meryl Streep popping up to dance with Mr. Pharrell:


Like I always say, one of the most amazing things about being famous is the fact that you kind of get to hang out with all of your heroes, and whether Lupita is a hero of Pharrell’s or Pharrell is a hero of Meryl’s or Meryl is a hero of the entire f’ing world combined, it is so awesome to see them all hanging out  So, here’s to you guys, for making this lengthy award show that much more awesome with your fantastic antics. And let’s be honest: if we could all choose any two actresses to see get up and dance during the Oscars, it would be Meryl and Lupita, wouldn’t it? Now all we need is Daft Punk to do some anti-dancing with Jonah Hill