Entire fortunes have been made by profiting off of people getting married – Vera Wang, anyone? But while there are basic things that almost any bride needs – a dress, a place to have a reception – bridal magazines and websites keep trying to convince you that you need hand-carved centerpieces and a skywriter. Now, French label Lanvin is getting into the game, but not by selling veils or bridesmaid dresses. Their e-commerce site is hawking several unecessary and expensive bridal-related products. Among them are a $185 “bridal keychain” and a $35 journal, which is blank and has a picture of a bride on the cover. Ostensibly, the notebook is where a woman can write down goals and wishes related to her wedding, but in a more luxurious way than using a regular-people spiral notebook or calendar. There’s also a separate journal for wedding dresses, where a woman can keep notes about gowns she likes. Or whatever else she wants, really, since the pages are also blank. For brides on the hunt for party favors or centerpieces, there’s a $225 bridal snowglobe (pictured) or $170 bridal music box.

It’s no secret that vendors associated with weddings try to hike up their prices or upsell their services when a wedding is involved. And since designers love to make items more expensive by simply putting logos on them, it seems only logical that the wedding-industrial complex and the designer-branding phenomenon would combine. But if I get married I’ll just stick to a normal keychain, thanks.