Well, stop everything. It turns out that Macy McGrail, of the incredibly rad HelloFlo Camp Gyno commercial that Jamie wrote about Monday, is the best nine-year-old in the history of humankind. Cosmopolitan interviewed McGrail, and she has some truly revolutionary things to say about periods and being a woman. Remember, this composed, articulate, patriarchy-fucking wizard is NINE.

Cosmo asked McGrail, who openly disclosed that she hasn’t gotten her period yet, if she was at all worried about its arrival. She said:

I’m not worried at all. I’m actually kind of excited because my mom said she’d subscribe me to HelloFlo and I’ll get candy every month. She said she’ll get me the starter kit and that will help me celebrate getting my first period and not dread it. That’s really the way it should be.

“That’s really the way it should be.” Macy McGrail, boy do I wish I had had you around when I was expecting my period. I completely dreaded it, probably because the boys in my class told me I’d one day start bleeding all over the playground with no warning, and nobody would ever be able to stop it. And then I’d be a gross woman. I would no longer be allowed to play kickball.

So how did McGrail become so informed, open-minded, and generally kick ass? It turns out that her mom has kept communication open and honest about menstruation, which is an excellent example for us ladies when we, heaven help us, have to raise children.

Now, here’s when my admiration of Macy McGrail turned into full on hero-worship. Cosmo asked McGrail about her acting future, and actors that she’d like to work with.

I’d like to work with Carol Burnett. Really, I’d like to work with someone who knows what they’re doing, who’s really confident, and who’s not embarrassed about anything. Someone who’s just really good and spot on.

This nine-year-old knows who Carol Burnett is! But the real meat here is that McGrail knows that women feel that there is inherent shame in the female experience. Women are made to feel ashamed of their periods, but also of being funny, silly, goofy, inadequate, and exhibiting any quality that isn’t quiet, demure, and sexy. This nine-year-old has figured out that we should say “screw it” to the shame around being female and actually enjoy life as humans. I’m almost three times her age, and I still have trouble with internalized shame. What a goddamn hero.

Seriously, I’m ready to vote Clinton/McGrail for 2016.