The first picture of Season 6 Mad Men is out on AMC. We have to make predictions immediately now. I have decided to make only extremely accurate predictions, because I will derive great pleasure in being right.

mad men season sixMy first prediction is that we are finally entering the 70’s, because, God, look at them. Look at the hair on Meghan.

My second prediction is that Betty is not overweight anymore! Because, again, look! Well, that makes sense. My second and a half prediction is that Betty has developed a cocaine addiction because it is almost the 70’s, but honestly, I think that is a long shot. My second and three quarters prediction is that Roger has a drug problem, now. That’s not really in the picture, but I feel like it is implied.

My third prediction is that Sally is almost a grown up, and thus qualifies as one of the women on the show, not just a small child with a speaking role.

My fourth prediction is that Glenn, the kid Sally dates, will die in Vietnam. Or Joan’s ex-husband. I want to keep this a proper prediction and not some manner of half prediction, and I think we can be pretty sure that SOMEONE is gong to die in Vietnam.

Picture via AMC via Huffington Post