As you may know, someone let Madonna have another movie. This one is called W.E. and it’s about Prince Edward and the woman for whom he abdicated the throne, Wallis Simpson. Now, if all this talk of abdication is really sexy to you, there’s also a parallel story in the ’90s featuring Abbie Cornish. So it’s like Julie and Julia, but with Nazi sympathizers.

The reason we mention, though, is that every look in the film will be couture. The costumes were designed by Arianne Phillips (in conjunction with Dunhill), but there will be lots of Christina Dior and Cartier, too.

Phillips is famous for serving as costume designer on such fashionable films as A Single Man, Tank Girl, and The Crow and–so far–the clothes/styling have seemed pretty great (as we saw in Vanity Fair back in September, above and below:)

So, if exquisitely detailed period costumes float your boat, now’s the time to check out the freshly unleashed trailer for W.E.

Lots of sumptuous skirt suits, layered pearls and finger waves ahead…

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(via NME)