After heroic young woman Malala Yousafzai did not win the Nobel Peace Prize today, many were upset given how much she has triumphed over. An assassination attempt by the Taliban, constant threats to her life, the inability to attend school due to sexist, misogynistic rules…and still she has persevered, continuing the fight for girls everywhere to attend school and receive the education they deserve. In light of this news, Glamour Editor-In-Chief Cindi Lieve announced one of the magazine’s Women of the Year earlier than usual.

In a brief article on Glamour‘s website, Lieve named Yousafzai, “champion of education,” as a Woman of the Year. And what’s more: Lieve also stated that the Malala Fund will receive money from the Woman of the Year Fund to support female education globally (which you can donate to right here). Amazing, right?

My coworkers and I were discussing it after I informed them of this amazing news. Honestly, I started tearing up when reading about Malala’s mission today, though I have read so many articles about her already and we’ve mentioned her many times on The Gloss. She’s a profoundly wise and compassionate person who refuses to take “no” for an answer — even when the alternative may come with violence.

I’m thrilled that Glamour gave her this award. It’s so incredible to see a huge publication support the kind of initiative necessarily to help intelligent, ambitious females like its audience. Congratulations to Yousafzai — I am humbled and grateful for the amount of inspiration her story offers to the world, particularly to young women.

Image: Glamour