Mariah Carey

Well dahlings, it looks like I spoke too soon. Yes, Mariah Carey has gotten all lovely and slenderized and what not, and sure I acknowledged that she will always be the queen of tight-ass clothes. But isn’t this taking things a bit too far? Seriously.

How this lovely woman can ever bend over to fetch something is beyond me. These shorts – in a size a six-year-old can wear – just look so, I dunno, constricting.

Now Mimi, I am thrilled for your new bod, I really am. And I am ever-impressed by your gargantuan amounts of self-confidence. But I do believe there are other ways of showing off all your hard work – like with clothes meant for adults.

What say you dahlings? Am I being too harsh with Meems? I mean, she did work her ass off (literally). Should I give her a little leeway, or should she hire herself a new stylist? Discuss…

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