Marion Cotillard is rapidly becoming one of my favorite celebrity fashionistas. The girl is gorgeous and has so much style it could just about make me cry.


Marion was in France for the premiere of Public Enemies, her new movie with (drool) Johnny Depp, and she wore a beautiful pale pink Christian Dior wrap dress. What really stole the show though was not her classy dress – it was her eye-catching ruby-red John Galliano wedge platform shoes!


Talk about channeling your inner Dorothy! If you want to spice up your summer evening, you can get a slightly tamer, but equally sparkly ruby-red shoes to skip on down the yellow brick road!

Get Marion’s footwear …


Hmmm. Did I really say “tamer”? Maybe not, right? But are those fabulous or what?! They come in black sparkle as well but I wouldn’t even bother with black – the red stands out so much more and just seems like a lot more fun.

Obviously these aren’t every day shoes (unless you too are a celebrity!) but wouldn’t these be amazing as a punch of dramatic color for an all-black outfit if you were out at a club on a warm summer evening? I know I’m sitting on my hands to keep myself from ordering them, especially since you can buy them here for only $35!

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