Once upon a time, I was pleasantly stumbling home from a night at the bar when something threw me off guard. It was bright. Like, ridiculously bright “August midday sunshine” bright. Which is fine, except that it was January and the middle of the night. Someone was filming something on my block, and the bright lights kept me up all night, streaming through my window despite my best curtain and blind related efforts. For awhile, I forgot about the offending shoot, which I assumed was a music video. Until today, when I saw this. A Chanel commercial. Filmed on the stairs of the subway entrance I go up every morning, and inside my favorite restaurant. I guess I should be excited that my little corner of the ‘hood is famous now or something, but all this does is remind me what a shitty night’s sleep I got that night. And the fact that I’ll never be able to get a table at my restaurant now that everybody knows about it. I’LL GET YOU FOR THIS, SCORSESE.