In these mud-slinging days of modern politics, it’s not really a surprise when candidates take cheap shots at their rivals. Maybe they’ll call them incompetent, maybe they’ll make unfounded accusations against them, or heck, maybe they’ll even make sexist, racist videos as part of a massive smear campaign.

But it’s still surprising when the old boys club gets together and has a good laugh over the attractiveness, or what they consider to be the lack thereof, of a female candidate.

That’s exactly what happened on a radio show in Massachusetts today. During an interview with local rock station WZLX, Senator Scott Brown responded to a comment made by his Democratic rival, Elizabeth Warren. Warren had commented during a debate that she didn’t take her clothes off to pay for college, which was a direct nod to the fact that while he was going through school, Brown notoriously posed nude in Cosmo. The show’s host asked Brown if he had responded to Warren’s remarks, and this is what he said:

“Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?” the host asked Brown Wednesday.

“Thank God!” Brown said, laughing.

Haha! Oh! Oh, that’s hilarious! Thank God. What a fucking comedian.

What’s so unfortunate about this, other than the fact that we now have confirmation that there is one more huge asshole in the world, is that Brown probably thought that by talking about Warren that way and palling around with the host like a couple of douchey frat boys, he was winning supporters. And, even more disturbing, he might have been right.

Anyway, here’s another thing about the interview. After Brown make his dickhead remark, the host had this to say:

“That’s what I said! I said, ‘Look, can you blame a good-looking guy for wanting to, you know…”

So! Imagine that. The host agrees that God should be thanked because this woman never took her clothes off, although I’d be willing to bet that he’d be singing a different tune if she were standing in front of him naked.

More to the point, though, imagine if Warren had taken her clothes off. What if she had been a stripper, or done porn, or posed in Playboy? Do you think that radio show hosts the country over would be quite so forgiving of her as this guy seems to be of Brown? Like, hey, you’re a good-looking girl and your anatomy alone can earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars, should you choose to go that route. Who can blame you?

Nope. No, that wouldn’t happen. In fact, we probably would never have seen the likes of Elizabeth Warren on the political stage if she had put herself through college by gracing the stages of local titty bars, because as soon as that information saw the light of day she would have been shamed into hiding.

So, we learned a couple of things today. As any sex worker can tell you, if the tables were turned and men did sex work more than women, the industry would not be nearly as scandalous as it is today, because hey, who can blame a guy for wanting to make some money? Also, in case you were wondering, since the end of Hillary Clinton’s presidential run, it is still acceptable to attack a female candidate based on her looks.

Both really, really great things to know.