karen mean girls taco bell

Today marks the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls, and in other news, we are all now very old. The Tina Fey penned, originally misunderstoodLindsay Lohan/Rachel McAdams movie spawned a thousand quotes, memes (my newsfeed is cluttered with “It’s October 3rd” every year), and cultural references that mark us as millennials. At least one Wednesday a month, I think about wearing pink. I watch Mean Girls about once every six months, and it still holds up. In fact, I’m always surprised by the humor and what wouldn’t fly these days, and it makes me painfully aware of how careful we’ve all gotten, for better or for worse.

While there’s plenty of Cady Heron and Regina George appreciation to go around, I am bursting with love for Karen, ten years later. She had some of the best lines in the movie, and somehow played the straight man to Regina’s crazed queen bee. Amanda Seyfried was hilarious as the lovable ditz, so let’s pay tribute to her in a way she’s love: a GIF party with pictures of her face.

1. She really committed to her athleticism.

karen mean girls volleyball

2. Karen didn’t like her Halloween to be too scary and I don’t blame her.

karen mean girls why are you dressed so scary halloween

3. This face.

karen gif funny phone4. This excuse was perfectly executed.

karen mean girls cough i'm sick

5. Her attempt to console Regina wasn’t appreciated in the way that it should have been.

karen mean girls taco bell

6. Karen doesn’t suffer fools.

mean girls karen funny gif

7. Delightful!

karen mean girls jingle bell rock

8. She wasn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

karen mean girls why are you white

9. Or to apologize when she wronged someone.

karen mean girls laughed at you diarrhea at barnes noble

10. And finally, her weather-predicting skills were unparalleled. ESPN indeed.

karen mean girls espn

I love you, Karen. Never change.

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