In her new memoir, the poignantly-titled “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,” onetime teen mom Bristol Palin takes an inexplicable jab at author and blogger Meghan McCain. According to the LA Times:

Meghan was “constantly checking us out, comparing my family to hers and complaining”, Bristol, 20, wrote in the autobiography set to hit stores Friday…Bristol also complained that when the families first met after it was announced that Sarah Palin would be McCain’s running mate, Meghan “ignored us during the entire visit.”

Palin’s whiny complaints don’t stop with Meghan. She also unloads on Cindy McCain (who I enjoy, if for no other reason than her dogged commitment to the WASP lifestyle):

After Cindy told a pregnant Bristol that she wished to be “one of the first people to hold your baby,” hoped to be invited to “your wedding when it comes together” and the desire that she and Sen. McCain could be “godparents of your child,” Palin was less than flattered.

“I had just met her, and I wondered why she wanted any type of guardianship over my child,” Bristol wrote.

Yeah! What a bitch!

So far, the excerpts from Palin’s book make it seem like an exercise in lacking self-awareness. It’s unclear as to whether she knows that her description of losing her virginity sounds uncomfortably like rape, and now it’s apparent that she still harbors a childish view of the adults around her and their well-intentioned attempts at compassion.

In response to Palin’s weird “accusations,” Meghan McCain did what Meghan McCain dies best — killed her nemesis with kindness. On her Twitter account, McCain linked to the following video, which depicts her warmly welcoming the Palins onto the campaign trail in 200:

[youtube_iframe id=”JqdgGTC11xQ”]

Now, for the sake of objectivity (because I’m nothing if not objective), I will point out that something’s fishy about this video. Around the 1:05 mark, there’s a skip in the audio that was pretty clearly added in at a later date. My paranoid suspicion is corroborated by the fact that in the added sound bite, McCain pronounces “Palin” correctly, then a few seconds later she can be heard calling the then-vice presidential candidate “Governor PAH-lin.”

Who knows when it was added, how it was added, or why it was added, but either way, unless this is an egregiously doctored video, which I doubt, Bristol Palin will still not hold a candle to Meghan McCain any time soon when it comes to being a respectable Republican daughter. Meghan: 1. Bristol: 0.