baby holster

HAHAHAHAHAAHA. No, seriously, baby holsters are for manly men.

Trendhunter reports that

“This cute cowboy-inspired piece will make you look like a total bad ass while you’re holding your child. This is an incredibly manly version of the classic Baby Björn.”

Really? It doesn’t imply that you will use your baby as a weapon if called upon to do so? Don’t bring a baby to a gunfight, man. Like, for obvious reasons, just don’t do it, but also don’t because you will lose. Indiana Jones should have taught you to bring a gun to every conceivable kind of fight, but I guess a lot of people forget that.

Anyhow, I guess this is a commentary on how men both want to embrace ideas about classic masculinity – like being a cowboy! Roaming free! – and also be progressive and attentive and caring to their children. I’m sure The Atlantic has something in the works about how they “can’t have it all”. Maybe when that article comes out we’ll all learn that you can’t carry a baby in a gun holster, in the same way that women will learn that you can’t have a Birkin with a baby in it.

I like it when we all learn things. Good talk.

Pic via TrendHunter