You know, I’ve always really liked Michelle Williams. She has yet to sell out, and she’s adorable, and yes, people used to tell me in college that I looked like her, which is patently false, but nevertheless being told that you look like a movie star is always flattering and something I’m willing to believe as a temporary ego boost.

But recently, Michelle has been letting me down. Did anyone else see that terrible movie, “Wendy and Lucy”? If you didn’t, you missed absolutely nothing. Like, literally nothing happened. She was homeless, she had a dog, lost it, found it, then (SPOILER ALERT!) gave it up. Then she was staunchly mediocre in “Synecdoche, New York,” and what else has she even been in since then?

Well, as if to prove me 100% correct, she’s now set to star as Marilyn Monroe in a film about the movie legend called “My Week With Marilyn,” apparently based on a book written by a lowly PA who kicked it with the buxom blonde for a short while. According to Deadline, filming started today in London and will go for seven weeks.

And at left, we have a picture of Michelle as Marilyn. That pasty, ghoulish image of a failed high school goth is supposed to be Marilyn Monroe. For shame, Michelle Williams. You were so good on “Dawson’s Creek.” What happened??