Kim Kardashian’s Millions of Milkshakes tour has apparently brought more than sheer shirts; in fact, it may have brought protestors. Maybe.

According to NY Daily News, approximately one hundred Sunni Salafists demonstrated Kim’s “bad reputation” outside of The Walk Bahrain, an upscale mall in Manama, while fans who had paid around 500 Bahraini dollars to see Kim  ($1,360–yes, really) screamed in excitement to see her.

Some reports initially stated that tear gas was used on the protestors, but that was false (thank goodness); however, witnesses say “police dispersed the demonstrators with stun grenades as the inauguration proceeded inside,” so there’s still a rather terrifying image involved. There were reportedly headlines reading “Syria receives martyrs while Bahrain receives whores.”

Her promoter Shareez Hasan, however, tweeted “WHAT PROTESTS??” and stated that Kim wasn’t met with any protests whatsoever and attributed the reports largely to local newspapers. Kardashian herself tweeted, “Thanks @sheerazhasan and Paresh A Shah for an amazing trip to The Kingdom of Bahrain and Kuwait. We did it!!!” What she did besides open milkshakes stores, I’m unsure, but uh, congratulations Kim!

So, perhaps there were protestors and perhaps they’re weren’t, but isn’t it bizarrely amazing how believable a mob of people protesting Kim Kardashian is?