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Videos for Miley Cyrus‘ “Wrecking Ball” and Britney Spears‘ “Work Bitch” are apparently too damn sexy for daytime TV in a nation of endemic prudishness: France. The Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA), a French institution that regulates French TV and radio and rates content for different age groups, relegated the videos to the after 10pm slot with the other mature content. In France. France. Are they confused? Did they think they were in Kansas?

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Per The Daily Mail, the CSA felt that “Wrecking Ball” was “too sexualised for daytime viewing.” The CSA’s statement included a hilarious dig at “Work Bitch,” which according to these French prudes presented “a sadomachistic universe representing women in a way that risks shocking many viewers.” One wouldn’t want to risk shocking many viewers! I literally turned on a TV in France one time and saw six pairs of boobs during what looked like a commercial for a daycare center. Yeah, I’ve been to France. Incidentally, I also saw a penis in real life for the first time on that trip, but only because the European men seem to have lax standards when it comes to wearing underwear with their shorts.

I’m fairly surprised to hear that these two videos made the cut. To me, “Wrecking Ball” wasn’t particularly sexualized, it was just a lot of nudity. I think at some point we have to figure out the difference between nudity and sex, and that the two are not always a pair. And sure, “Work Bitch” showed Spears cracking an occasional whip, but mostly she just danced around a sand pit while a nice car drove around in circles. Maybe I’m just completely desensitized, but I found these videos relatively tame.

There’s a discussion to be had about whether or not depictions of sex and nudity are inherently harmful. Maybe these videos aren’t exactly the best example of depicting healthy sexual activity since it’s so stylized, but I don’t really see the harm in exposing children to positive depictions of nudity, since decrying that nudity is shameful makes our bodies shameful, when they aren’t.

I suppose if France has an organization in place like the CSA, then they have it there for a reason (although, if this is the equivalent of our MPAA then they’re a bunch of megalomaniacal sex police men). But it’s hilarious and unthinkable to me that these two videos would be too steamy, considering I learned the entire mechanics of sexual intercourse from French magazine covers that were proudly displayed at the crepe cart where I asked for “extra Nutella.”

In the meantime, for all you French readers, you can still watch “Work Bitch” or “Wrecking Ball” on Youtube literally any time of the day if you’re hoping to get your rocks off before 10pm.

Photos: Youtube, Getty Images