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Miley Cyrus is really proud of her weird hip-hop/dance-pop/mess-of-an-album Bangerz and while I can’t say that I hate it, she isn’t going to be dusting off a mantle for all of the awards it will accumulate this year. It’s not like Miley really should be complaining — she’s got other ways to gauge her cultural relevance. Miley is getting everything she ever hoped for in her career via YouTube, with her music videos racking up enough hits to practically break the site (a great feat, even if many of those hits did come from creeps longing to see more than just side boob). Who needs an award show, right?

Just don’t expect Miley to be in the audience clapping for her peers. In case you didn’t notice, Miley wasn’t anywhere near the Grammy Awards last night, and it wasn’t because she had something better to do. Nope, not Miley. While she did roll out to Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, she skipped the rather blah awards show (and the Beyonce/Jay-Z performance). What was Miley doing rather than watching the show? Playing a seemingly solo game of Guitar Hero at home.

Personally, this behavior sort of reminds me of the kids who insisted on skipping the actual senior prom but attended both the pre-prom and after parties. On some level, I get it. If I were a celebrity, I would probably be exhausted from attending all of these award shows as well. But given that Miley reallllllly wants people to take her seriously as a recording artist, it’s a little weird that she didn’t show up to the Grammys. Is she really bitter about her music not being recognized? The caption from her Instagram video of her playing Guitar Hero — “video of tonight’s performance,” — would suggest that maybe she’s not totally over it.

It’s actually sort of ironic — Miley basically rules award shows where she can steal the show but can’t bother to attend the one award show that is almost strictly about the music. The Grammys has some spectacle (Pink’s acrobatics, Beyonce’s risque performance, all of the marriages) but nothing compared to some other award shows. Personally I don’t mind that pop music is sometimes about the spectacle, but you can’t hand out awards for teddy bear backpacks and singing video cats. I mean, I’m sure you could, but that award show would be called the Video Music Awards and not the Grammys.

Maybe Miley just needed a chill night in with her video game console, which is perfectly acceptable. Maybe, like most of us, she was incredibly bored by the concept of the Grammys and decided she had better ways to spend her time. Maybe she realized that she would have had to sit behind Daft Punk and was not about that. I don’t know. But if you’re not going to accept the invite to the major award show where all of your fellow artists will be receiving awards you probably shouldn’t post about your night in with your Wii. It’s just polite.