Real and True Miley Cyrus glitter makeup

Another day, another piece of entertainment (and I use the term loosely) featuring Miley Cyrus naked. After Miley’s little fiasco this weekend during the EMAs (i.e. being an offensive douchebag onstage yet again), it was only a matter of time before her nude-o-meter got low and she had to be filmed naked as soon as possible.

For Future‘s new music video “Real And True,” the rapper finds himself with Mr Hudson on another planet. They then spot an unconscious (or dead, says Rolling Stone) female astronaut (Miley) who the pair decides to undress because, uh, that is the most logically helpful thing they can do for an unconscious woman. It’s the first thing they train you in medical school: undress all patients to revive them. Providing that they are wearing nothing but silver body paint underneath, of course.

Real and True Miley Cyrus body paint

Anyway, Miley proceeds to sing in an all-sorts-of-autotuned fashion while covered in glitter so thick, it makes me feel itchy for her. Really, I want to run masking tape all over this music video. They then sing to one another which makes me want to throw up because I have an irrational fear of morning breath and one can only imagine just how awful just-revived-from-near-death breath would be.

If you don’t feel like spending time on the whole video, here’s the rest of the rundown:

  • Miley stretches a lot.
  • You see the outline of her boobs for a while.
  • Apparently, people wear sunglasses in space and indoors.
  • The high notes are rough.
  • The last shot is just Miley left on behind, stretching again and being naked.

Cool story, bros. Here’s the full thing if you want to watch it!