Miley Cyrus is a polarizing figure; you either love her or you hate her. But she gained an outpouring of sympathy this week after her dog Floyd–the pretty blue-eyed boy pictured above–died, because losing a pet is extremely painful and even her most die-hard detractors couldn’t wish that on a person. (We’re not actually that naive. Some Internet troll is almost certainly posting that she deserved to have her dog die because she’s a slutty slutbag or something, but anybody who would do that is an asshole and should be shunned by society.)

Cyrus has been having a hard time dealing with the loss of Floyd, who she says she shouldn’t say was her favorite dog but was totally her favorite. She even started crying in concert when she stopped to talk about him. In an attempt to help Cyrus feel better, her mother surprised her with a new puppy named Moonie, and it’s one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen.

Seriously, that dog is almost as cute as Kim Kardashian‘s baby.

Unfortunately, it was not the panacea Cyrus’ mother hoped for, because poor Cyrus doesn’t seem to be ready for a new puppy yet, and the adorable fuzzball set off a long series of tweets about how much Cyrus misses Floyd.

Poor thing. Losing a pet is so difficult. It might be too soon for a new puppy, but moms always want to make things better. Having to grieve publicly while still showing up at work ready to dance and sing must be difficult. A situation like this can’t help but remind a person that celebrities are human beings with thoughts and feelings just like the rest of us.

(Photos: Twitter/MileyCyrus)