miley cyrus nipple twitter

Miley Cyrus has posted a boob on Twitter! Not one of her own (well, it probably belongs to her, but you know what we mean), but a rubber boob in support of Free the Nipple (NSFW, if your work does not like nipples), which seeks to “decriminalize the female body” and end the media’s “glorification of violence and repression of nudity.”

According to the movement’s Facebook page:

Appalled by American media’s glorification of violence and repression of nudity, passionate activists LIV and WITH launch a revolution to “Free the Nipple” and decriminalize the female body. Based on true events, this mass movement of topless women, armed with First amendment lawyers, graffiti installations and national publicity stunts, invade New York City to protest the backwards censorship laws in the US. What is more obscene nudity or violence?

I have to admit I was a little disappointed that the boob in question was a rubber boob, mostly because at first glance I thought it was a cookie, and I would eat the shit out of a plate of boob cookies right now. (It’s that time of day between lunch and Happy Hour when a birthday cake or plate of cookies would be the best sight ever, but a nice pro-boob news story makes a decent substitute.)

Miley holds the boob like a magnifying glass, which does not appear effective because it is opaque. It is pretty effective at drawing attention to the Free the Nipple cause, because Miley Cyrus has nearly 16 million Twitter followers, and anything she does is pretty much guaranteed to result in coverage on blogs like this one.

Personally, we are pro-nipple around here. While not all of us have taken advantage of the fact that it is legal for women in New York to go topless, some of us have, and that’s great. Because they’re just nipples, world, not bust-mounted Medusa heads that turn children to stone.

Via E! Online/Photo: Twitter/Miley Cyrus