miley-cyrus-robbedMiley Cyrus turned 21 today, and she does not appear to be having a great birthday so far. Yesterday afternoon a group of unknown people broke into her home, rifled through her belongings, and ran off with her stuff.

Police say the burglary probably happened sometime during the afternoon. Luckily nobody was home at the time and no one was hurt, but a burglary is terrifying even when only stuff is taken. It must be scary to know that people know where you live and can break in at any time. After the Bling Ring robberies, security experts said celebrities were seriously upping their security games to prevent break ins and robberies, but it’s basically impossible to ever be completely safe.

According to US Weekly, Cyrus was pretty shaken up by the experience.

“She’s extremely upset and a lot of personal items were stolen,” a source told the magazine. “She’s really shaken up about the whole thing.”

The LAPD North Hollywood Community Police Station confirmed that the burglary had taken place and that an investigation was ongoing. Miley Cyrus is performing at the AMAs tomorrow and had planned to celebrate her birthday after the event on Sunday night.

We’re not always the biggest Miley Cyrus fans in the world, but we do empathize with her in this case. Getting robbed is terrible, and it’s a particularly rotten way to celebrate a big birthday.

Via US Weekly/Photo: WENN