When you’re rewatching Sex and the City for the zillionth time, do you ever stop and wonder what became of some of the actors that played some of our favorite characters? We obviously know what Sarah Jessica Parker is up to. (Hello, new show and Carrie-approved shoe collections.) And we know that Smith Jerrod, aka the Absolut Hunk, is still just as hunky as ever. If you’re wondering what became of some of the younger stars, we have an update on little Brady Hobbes, Miranda and Steve’s adorable redheaded son. Spoiler: He’s not so little now.

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It’s been a whopping 12 years since Sex and the City ended, and Joseph Pupo, the actor who played Brady, has changed quite a lot. Most of us will remember his big blue eyes and ginger hair and that scene of him eating that plate of spaghetti. You might also recall when he was just a little thing sitting in his baby chair and staring at Carrie.

Joseph was recently interviewed by The Battery Company,and we got to hear all about his life now. He also fills us in on his thoughts about SATC.

He still has the same red hair, but Joseph is a proper young adult now. In his first-ever interview, Sas Goldberg and Jake Wilson ask him a lot of questions that Sex and the City fans are curious to know. (Is he a Mr. Big or an Aidan?) However, Joseph has to explain to them that he doesn’t really remember most of the show considering he was a baby for a lot of the series.

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It’s a funny video and it will give you your daily Sex and the City fix without turning on your television. If we’re doing SATC videos, why stop at just Brady Hobbes? Hands up if you want to know what’s happening with Charlotte’s daughter, Lily?