If you are a young celebutarte who hasn’t had decent work in a while and really should be thankful for any gig you can land…

Would you sit around a photoshoot with this look on your face?

Certainly Mischa Barton must have learned something in her time partying with the rest of young Hollywood…but something must not have included, gracious behavior and a genuine unposed smile while repping a product like Herbal Essences.

Mischa Barton For Herbal Essences

Image: Splash News

But enough about her attitude. Let’s talk about the ensemble.

Does her stylist hate her? Maybe Mischa slept with her boyfriend. Does a PR rep for Herbal Essences secretly hate The OC and decide take it out on Miss Barton with a horribly unflattering pair of pseudo high fashion denim clamdiggers?

Give your head a shake, Mischa – this is not doing anything for your figure and those shoes are a crazy combination of horrible heel trends of 2009. All wrapped in one.

Image: SplashNews

Image: SplashNews