63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant - Press Conference

I’ll be honest,  I don’t pay much attention to beauty pageants but even I couldn’t miss the controversy surrounding the outcome of the 2015 Miss Universe Competition. When Paulina Vega AKA Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe (a title that rightfully belongs to Beyoncé Knowles-Carter if you ask me) on Sunday night, the audience and the interwebs were reportedly not happy about it. Kaci Fennell AKA Miss Jamaica was apparently the crowd favorite and the judge’s failure to choose her elicited boos from the Miss Universe audience and the Twitter hashtag #MissJamaicaShouldHaveWon.

Here’s Miss Jamaica:

63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant - Preliminary Show: Swimsuit Competition

And here’s what Twitter had to say about her loss:


A relative of hers has come out suggesting it could have been because of her short hair and I wouldn’t be surprised if he were right. While Miss Jamaica’s hairdo is much more refreshing than your standard 20-inch extensions (no shade to girls who rock extensions!), it’s probably a far cry from what a conservative pageant judge considers to be beautiful.

While beauty pageants aren’t my thing I can understand why people are feeling mystified and upset that Miss Jamaica didn’t take home this title. The first time I saw photos of her roll across my dashboard, I thought “this girl’s hair is fierce!” She’s clearly got a look that’s different from your typical blonde pageant girl and the other contestants looked a little boring standing next to her.

I think folks are tired of getting the same old thing from people who literally get to decide who the most beautiful woman in the world is or what kinds of movies and television shows get the highest accolades in the country. Miss Jamaica’s victory wold have been a nice departure from all of that. Miss Colombia’s victory is just business as usual and honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything different from a competition with ties to the guy who doesn’t think the President’s birth certificate is real.

Photos via WENN.com