When you’re Oprah, it’s mostly awesome to have your life. You can have whatever you want, whenever you want it, because you are filthy rich and you control the minds of over 50%* of American women.

The only problem with being you, then, is that you become very difficult to buy gifts for. After all, no one has as much money as you, and you spend your days meeting celebrities who can alter the course of world events simply by showing up. (And no one knows this better than Gail, bless her heart.)

But in the deep, dark recesses of your heart, it’s still possible that you cling to some childhood dream, some unfulfilled desire the likes of which only one man can bring to fruition — and if you’re Oprah, apparently, that man is Jackie Jackson.

Commonly known as “that other guy” in the Jackson 5, Jackson was Oprah’s childhood crush. According to People.com:

“It’s been 10 or 12 years that she’s been talking about me on her show, saying I was her favorite Jackson – I was her heartthrob,” Jackson, 59, tells PEOPLE.

“My sister was on Oprah’s show, and she came back and said, ‘Oprah is in love with you. When she was a teenager, she had your pictures plastered all over her walls everywhere, and she thought she was going to marry you.'”

But now, here’s where things get a little bold. Jackson decided — or rather, some people who control Jackson and some people who are controlled by Oprah decided — that it would be a good idea for him to suprise Ms. Winfrey. So here’s what went down:

Jackson, who popped up behind Winfrey unexpectedly at her desk with flowers while she was working and had no makeup on, says he was excited to make her dreams come true.

Dude. That takes balls. You surprised Oprah when she didn’t have any make-up on? Are you crazy, guy? You’re lucky to still be alive! But I guess when you’re Jackie Jackson, you act in such a way because you are drunk on a level of power that most world leaders will never even know. You can give Oprah something she doesn’t already have. And you, sir, wielded that power with panache and daring. We salute you.

*Latest government estimate