Sometimes I find the Vatican to be too uptight. The Huffington Post reports that the Catholic holiest of holies has closed down the Basilica of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme, after determining that some of what was going down inside its hallowed halls wasn’t up to snuff.

First of all, the monastery was home to stripper-turned-nun Sister Anna Nobili, who reportedly underwent a religious revelation a few years ago and traded in her 20-year career as an exotic dancer for a life of chastity. She later told media outlets that she would continue to dance, only her dancing would be for God rather than for men at strip clubs. When a video featuring an interview with her and a clip of her dancing (below) was posted to YouTube, she became a bit of a celeb.

But it wasn’t just Nobili’s performances that got the place shuttered. Apparently an abbot, Rev. Simone Fioraso, who had formerly been a fashion designer in Milan had already been let go out of sneaking suspicions that he was gay. HuffPo notes that Madonna also once visited the place, but I’m not sure how that’s unholy except for…well, OK.

Whatever. I’m sorry, but this place sounds like the most fun monastery ever. Just saying, if you want to cater to the younger demographic maybe you consider letting some people with a little spark stick around. Sure, the pope’s hat is interesting, but can it dance?