Hold onto your sanitary products, ladies, because this might just be far and away the best “feminine hygiene” ad ever conceived.

A recently released ad for Moon Cups (a British brand of menstrual cup) anticipates and answers most concerns anyone might have about switching from tampons to menstrual cups. This type of defensiveness is to be expected from Moon Cups, as the majority of women think they are gross. But miraculously, some 21st century Peggy Olsen found a way to make this snoozer of a Lincoln-Douglass period debate interesting: with an epic ladies’ room rap battle.

Yes, a rap battle. In this clip, Tampon and Moon Cup (I’m capitalizing them because they are sentient) face off in a fight that rivals Angel Haze vs. Azealia Banks in both viciousness and educational potential. Tampon tells Moon Cup “you’re gross and weird and no one understands you,” and also, “this new age nonsense is making me mental, run home to your tepee and eat up your lentils.” Burn!

This probably hits a little too close to home, because Moon Cup then goes for the jugular by accusing Tampon of “dryness, irritation, you can’t do your job properly.” But Tampon is so good at absorbing everything! “That everything includes natural moisture though, while we only collect fromm the menstrual flow,” retorts Moon Cup. How will Tampon ever come back from that?

In the end, it’s uncertain who won the fight…Moon Cup made some points that should resonate with anyone who has felt tampon fatigue towards the end of her period, but remains a bit tricky to use and to clean. One thing’s for certain: if my period were this exciting in real life, I would never get any work done.

(Via TheFrisky)