The shocking news of the week, as you all know, is that child bride Courtney Stodden and older creepy groom Doug Hutchison have been given a reality show. According to E! Online, it’s being produced by Roy Bank of Merv Griffin Entertainment, who also produced “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?”.

The show will deal with issues facing families and what different generations can teach each other, which is fitting since there are at least two generations between Stodden and Hutchison.

But that’s not all! The woman behind the show is none of than mother of the year Krista Keller, also known as the woman who gave birth to Courtney and then handed her over to a man three times her age. No doubt these people all have something vital to teach the rest of us about familial love.

E! reports:

“They’re going to touch on family issues. There was a lot of judgment about their marriage from Doug’s side of the family, so it will touch on bringing families back together and why it’s important to support family members even if you don’t agree,” [said Keller.]

The show will also cover the cyber bullying Courtney claims has been happening to her, along with rumors of her getting plastic surgery.