A movie called Rising Star, produced and directed by Marty Lang, has been getting a pretty unusual kind of buzz, which is impressive considering the film hasn’t even been completed yet. The plotline seems pretty simple: “The film tells the story of Chris, an overworked insurance adjuster, who meets his online love interest Alyza and discovers that there could be life beyond his job.” Lang is now holding an online poll (via Twitter) to determine whether Alyza should be a vegetarian. I mean… what? That’s cool and everything, and a really smart way to get people to care about a movie before it even comes out, but what the hell do I care if a character in a movie is a vegetarian or not? Will they make it a storyline, or will it get a two-second mention? Will it be relevant to the character in any way, or is this just a way of getting a small, active online community to care about an unreleased film that might not even be good? From a marketing perspective, I think Lang is doing a brilliant job. But as for whether I’ll see the movie, vegetarian or no vegetarian? Doubtful.