Spoilers for every movie ever.

Have you seen One Day, yet? It’s about a 20-year will-they-or-won’t-they romance between Emma and Dex! It’s sweet! Or not. Jezebel has a really good essay on why it is TERRIBLE, namely because the premise seems to revolve around the fact that “she made him decent, and in return, he made her so happy.” Which is not really the best plot. Why couldn’t she end up with someone decent herself? Why did she have to get a haircut and lose weight and become really stylish to get to end up with someone who isn’t even a decent person to begin with?

Besides, I mean, Dex spends the first half of the movie just doing a ton of cocaine so… it took her a while, I guess is what I’m saying? Though frankly, I think it would be more offensive if you had a movie where a woman did a lot of coke but was ultimately got “saved” by the love of a good man. That was every movie made in 1932 (but back then they called it “naughty salt.”)

Still, it’s a bit sad that after coming into her own and becoming a really interesting character, Emma’s reward is to end up with Dex when he’s at his lamest (a divorced has-been who owns a gourmet food shop, while she became a famous novelist with a great haircut). But great female characters being “rewarded” with a lame dude happens all the time. Here are some of the times when it happens. Oh, hey, spoilers for everything.