Maleficent poster Angelina Jolie

We’ve said it before, but Disney villains are always way more interesting than Disney princesses—and they get better songs—so of course Angelina Jolie chose to play the best Disney villain ever for her upcoming movie, Maleficent.

Disney has released a new poster for the movie, and we’re getting pretty excited. Angelina Jolie already had Maleficent’s crazy eyebrows, but now she’s got her cool horns, too. They’re the best movie horns we’ve seen since Tim Curry in Legend, but in an haute couture sort of way. Those gorgeous, curly, leather-wrapped horns look so amazing on Jolie we’re wondering if that’s a look we can pull off too. (Please don’t let me leave work today until I stop thinking I could wear curly leather horns on the subway.)

The makeup is another story completely. We all can and should wear that epic red lip on the subway every chance we get. The biggest impact of this poster and the other Maleficent picture teasers, though, is that I have a newfound commitment to learning how to contour.

Contouring is a favorite technique of beauty bloggers, but it is not one I have ever mastered. (Contouring played a big part in the dramatic before and after makeup artistry on this particular Internet-breaking model that made a guy question the entire female gender.) With bit of bronzer and highlighter, a skilled makeup artist can sculpt cheekbones where none were visible. Angelina Jolie already had the most amazing cheekbones around, but now she’s in straight-up Evil Queen territory. We want to go to there.

Via Coming Soon/Photo: Disney