Sundered spouses: Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt
Sample Dialogue: “Why can’t we spend a normal day together?”
Why They Belong Together: Helen Hunt would never wear an all-white pantsuit while storm chasing.
Resolution: Reunited by love of tornados, anchoring themselves to pipes.

Independence Day
Sundered spouses: Jeff Goldblum and Margaret Colin
Sample Dialogue: “Haven’t you ever wanted to be part of something special?”
“I was part of something special.”
Why They Belong Together: Jeff Goldblum is right about anything in this movie.
Resolution: Last seen holding each other after destroying the alien invasion.

Sundered spouses: John Cusack and Amanda Peet
Sample Dialogue: “Do you think you’ve changed since we separated?”
“I certainly eat a lot more cereal now.”
Why They Belong Together: Her backup husband dies 45 minutes in.
Resolution: The entire family is reunited as some of Earth’s only survivors.

The Day After Tomorrow
Sundered spouses: Dennis Quaid and Sela Ward
Sample Dialogue: “I have to do this.”
“I know.”
Why They Belong Together: It’s Dennis Quaid. It’s impossible to stay divorced from him.
Resolution: Reunited with their son.

Sundered spouses: Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo
Sample Dialogue: “Why don’t you just for once take a chance?”
“You know what, Sam? I did. I married you.”
Why They Belong Together: Both unable to resist comparing their relationship to a fatal epidemic.
Resolution: Back together after preventing a bombing and curing disease.