Of course, in the end, “Watch it Again” always wins.

Something Goes Terribly Wrong In Space

Unhappy Edwardians Punting on Boats While Talking About Their Feelings Obliquely

The Mentor Is The One Who Betrayed The Protagonist

You Should Like Guy Ritchie Movies But You Don’t

English People Get Upset In Small Rooms

Coworkers Who Hate Each Other And Their Jobs

You Think Of Yourself As Someone Who Was An Outcast in High School But That’s More Of a Self-Serving Narrative

Sentimental Claptrap You Love

Sentimental Claptrap You Feel Superior For Hating

Angry Women in Pantsuits

Films Whose Soundtracks You Own

Scary Movies With Naked Women on the Cover

Scary Movies With Other Stuff on the Cover

A Murder Happens In England, In The Past

Incorrectly Labelled Neo-Noirs

Hoarders and Shows About Hoarders Or Even Just Mention Hoarders Tangentially Because You Can’t Look Away

Reassure Me That I’ll Find Love Without Having To Change In Any Way

Clueless (Entire category just Clueless)

Musical Theater, Embarassing

Greta Gerwig Winking In A Plaid Shirt

Mind-Benders You Only Watched With That One Ex Who Was Really Into Aliens and Masons and Shit And You Were Never Sure How Much They Were Serious About It

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]