Welcome to crazy town!!!  I always love it when the celebrities who really don’t give a hoot show up on the red carpet.  They wear whatever the heck they want to wear and don’t even give it a second thought.  My favorite Mr. and Mrs. Crazy are actress Helena Bonham Carter and director Tim Burton.  What a match made in heaven!!!

Helena and Tim showed up to the premiere of Alice in Wonderland looking appropriately kooky.  Helena is soooo appropriately cast as the Queen of Hearts in the movie…I can’t wait to see it!!

Helena’s outfit consisted of some sort of tulle-skirted vintage wedding dress, a black and white puffy bolero-esque covering, long vintage pearl and chain necklaces, and some dreadlocked hairdo.  My absolute favorite was her clutch that looked like a book and said “Off With Their Heads” on the cover…must be a personalized gift from the director!!!  I love how she pulls this look off without even trying…while tons of other stars try the vintage thing and just look fake.

Definitely going to see the movie in 3d IMAX….

Image: Bauer Griffin