When it comes to unplanned pregnancies in movies and on TV, abortion tends to get a raw deal. In “Juno,” the abortion clinic employees were gothic and heartless, and in “Knocked Up,” the closest anyone came to suggesting that a single woman in her late twenties and at the peak of her career might terminate a pregnancy caused by a one-night stand with a stoner was “rhymes with shmashortion.”

Well, MTV is about to rock that abortion boat. According to Entertainment Weekly, the network will drag the topic of abortion into the light of day by following young women who are grappling with the decision, including one former “16 and Pregnant” cast member who’s now looking at her second pregnancy. According to the article:

MTV sources say the documentary will tackle all sides of the issue, including the importance of contraception and the devastating effects of facing such a decision.

Lest you’re worried about whether this show will reach the tender eyes and ears of our youth, fret not — it’s set to air in a bit of a vacuum (no pun intended), at 11:30 pm on December 28th.