Rihanna Pour It Up

As a fan of Rihanna, I am always down to check out what she has been doing, whether that involves my bizarre fascination with her absurd life or our collective fascination with her insane wardrobe. According to her Instagram, she has been working on a very — er, wet music video for her single, “Pour It Up.”

The snapshots reveal her doing her typical Rihanna things:

  • Writhing
  • while mostly naked
  • and wearing crazy hair
  • plus diamonds
  • on her boobs.

The song, from her new album The Unapologetic, apparently qualified for a whole bunch of boob sparkle and an entire wet floor. Or maybe she is supposed to be melting into it, I’m not sure. I’m no metaphor doctor. Plus, if there was not a diamond bra involved, would it even be a Rihanna video? And if she wasn’t Instagramming shots of herself sprawled across stuff, would she even be a person still?

Naturally, she looks fantastic doing so. But she also reminds me of Marie Antoinette, whom I am pretty sure is not exactly a good life path for her to be on. This pale pink wig and extravagant throne feel hit a little too close to Versailles, if you know what I mean. Check it out and see if you agree.

Photos via Rihanna’s Instagram.[ITPGallery]