Just take a moment to really enjoy this GIF of Naomi Watts responding to Seth McFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” Oscar 2013 Song. Enjoy it, because I think every woman felt kind of uncomfortable during that song, or maybe it was just Naomi Watts, and me. Maybe those two people felt uncomfortable. Also, I wish the Oscars could just be all splashy 1930’s movie numbers all the time, because, like William Shatner, I want them to “keep it classy.” And I am your 96 year old grandmother who does not understand why the kids just aren’t dancing in tuxedos all the time anymore. Here is the GIF, let’s re-open The Stork Club after watching it:

UPDATE: The song was pre-recorded, and I can’t remember what stars were wearing. However, it remains a dumb song.

Naomi Watts Seth McFarlane