Sometimes the holdouts that endure surprise even me. After a forever-standing ban on navy women serving on submarines, the Defense Department announced that they would life the ban in February. The time for Congress to object ended yesterday, so it looks like co-ed submarines are a go!

But here’s the most interesting part. According to BBC News, while women have been allowed to serve in the navy for some time now, the submarine ban stayed intact because “The cramped conditions had previously precluded women…”

Really? The cramped conditions? What is this, a New York City subway car? Sailors would be all packed up in there, and somehow a male sailor would be reaching behind him to grab the female sailor’s ass? Or another pervy sailor would take out his cell phone and try to film an upskirt video? I mean, WTF? Is that really who we have patrolling our borders underseas, or whatever the fuck they do in submarines? People who literally can’t be in too close proximity to women, lest they lose their fucking minds, manners and respect for their colleagues? Or is it because the prim ladies of the navy might feel as though they can’t keep their modesty intact, lest a man catch a glimpse of them changing clothes? This is just outright depressing.

But I supposed it shouldn’t be, should it? The “men can’t control themselves” line is, after all, used as an excuse in just about every country for every reason all over the world. I do believe that’s why they have…oh, what do you call them…burquas? And before you get your panties all up in a wad, I’m not suggested that not allowing women on submarines is the same as forcing women to wear burquas (and yes, I know that some aren’t forced). But it does seem to be the same train of thought, doesn’t it? And a train of thought is often not easily derailed. And is that not part of the reason for the persistence (hopefully to soon be ended) of “don’t ask, don’t tell”? Because straight folk (presumably, mostly straight men) simply wouldn’t be able to control their rage (and indeed, in some cases haven’t controlled their rage) around anyone that they knew was gay?

Listen. I think it’s high, high, highhighhighhigh and beyond time that that excuse became moot. If you’re a dude in the navy or army, you should be offended. Your superiors are suggesting some pretty unkind things about you. And if you’re one of the people about whom this lack of control is true, then as far as I’m concerned, you’re the one who shouldn’t be allowed to serve. You’re certainly the one who shouldn’t be given a gun, or any other form of weaponry. And you’re most certainaly not the person that represents me, or the country I grew up in.