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As far as comforting, cult classics go, Netflix really delivers when it comes to 80s movies. If you’ve already blown through our lists of 90s movies, movies about complicated friendships, or fashion movies, here’s ten feel good 80s movies you can stream instantly at this very moment. Feel free to call in sick or leave early so you can go home and binge watch.

1. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

ferris buellers day off

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 1986

I never tire of this one, and will probably never stop trying to be as cool as Sloane.

2. The Breakfast Club

the breakfast club

The Breakfast Club, 1985

I watched this like once a week in high school. It still holds up.

3. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

girls just want to have fun

Girls Just Want To Have Fun, 1985

Sarah Jessica Parker. Helen Hunt. Dancing. End of story.

4. Clue

clue movie

Clue, 1985

It’s a game that’s come to life. You tell me this isn’t fantastic.

5. Heathers


Heathers, 1989

I can’t think of a more iconic 80s girl movie than Heathers–the original Mean Girls.

6. Say Anything

say anything

Say Anything, 1989


7. Flashdance


Flashdance, 1983

Jennifer Beals is perfection. The 80s was the golden era of dance movies (as evidenced by most of this list), and Flashdance is the gold standard.

8. Pretty In Pink

pretty in pink

Pretty In Pink, 1986

Duckie: a tragic hero.

9. Footloose


Footloose, 1984

And here we are again with a dance movie. I watched this recently and it’s still amazing. Imagine! A town without dancing? Oh, you.

10. Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing lift

Dirty Dancing, 1987

Infinitely better than the reboot, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, which someone named Julia Sonenshein has seen over five times. No relation.

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