If you think this photo is of people waiting hours to get on a bus, think again. There’s a new Apple product out, and neither power outages nor desire to help one’s fellow humans will get between Steve Jobs‘ disciples and the iPad fucking mini. (I’m deeply disappointed nobody showed up to my cult party dressed as them.)

Personally, I don’t really see the appeal of an iPad when I already have both a smart phone and a laptop, but people are entitled to their gadget fetishism. But to wait in line for hours for one when people are literally dying less than a mile away from you seems…very not good. I mean, I feel guilty that I’m working right now, and I need to do that in order to survive.

Although we’ve had our differences, Jimmy Kimmel and I see eye-to-eye on this issue; he excoriated these people in grand fashion on his show last night. Even if you don’t think they should be “punched in the throat,” the fake commercial satirizing Apple products is pretty much the best.


(Via Refinery29)

Photo: Instagram