The website, which posts casting calls for reality TV shows, has put up an ad for a new show called Straight as a Board. The ad reads:

Just because you’re a man who likes pedicures, or a female gym teacher, that doesn’t mean you’re gay, does it? If you’re sick of your friends constantly trying to set you up with members of the same sex then it’s time to set the record straight. A new reality series is casting people that are ready to put all the rumors to rest. Just because you’re a guy and like show tunes or a girl and play softball that your (sic) not hiding your sexual preferences in the closet.

While this could be a great way to turn sexuality-related stereotypes on their head and challenge notions about what gay people are like, something tells me that isn’t going to happen. Because this is reality TV we’re talking about. As points out, the production company working on Straight as a Board, OneLouder, doesn’t seem to be known for anything beyond wedding videography. They don’t seem to have ever produced a TV show. Is this casting call for a pilot they want to pitch to networks? If so, odds are it’ll never get seen. And since we don’t know anything about OneLouder’s track record, there’s no telling if Straight as a Board would be a documentary-style show or if they’d make all of the cast members endure weight training challenges and run on hamster wheels to win prizes.

But, hey, if you end up auditioning, feel free to give us all the dish.