Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Marilyn Monroe? Then have I got the show for you! Production company Entertainment One has teamed up with Marilyn’s estate(!) to produce a new show called Finding Marilyn, “a competition reality series that will emulate Monroe’s journey to stardom by featuring twelve young girls as they travel to Los Angeles to compete for a chance to become the next Hollywood ‘it’ girl.” To sweeten the deal, the premiere may be tied to the 50th anniversary of Monroe’s (tragic, premature, probably-a-suicide) death. Oh boy! The contestants will be drawn from a pool of young women who have not read their Marilyn Monroe biographies all the way through and will most likely include Anna Nicole Smith‘s ghost, Lindsay Lohan, and people who remind you of Lindsay Lohan.

While I am all for pitting young women against each other for the status of “Hollywood it girl” (or more likely, a role in Saw XIII and $100 worth of beauty products), is Marilyn Monroe really the best blueprint for a good, or even relatively decent, life? Between her messed up childhood, mental illness, troubled love life, and substance abuse problems (not to mention her aforementioned tragic death), I think it’s a fairly well-documented fact that Marilyn Monroe is not someone you want to be the “next” one of. Even Megan Fox knows that her image attracts “negative energy.” As beautiful and great a performer as Marilyn Monroe was, perhaps it’s time to give the Marilyn nostalgia a rest and pattern ourselves after someone else for a change. Louise Brooks? Lucille Ball? Liza Minelli, perhaps? (One thing I like about Liza Minelli is the way she’s still alive.) Or maybe, and I know this sounds crazy, come up with your own original person to be called “you.”

(Via Vulture)