Yesterday, you may recall I said The Gloss staff would give you pictures of us on NYE, and it would be like a party, all full of merriment. Here is that party. Maybe turn on some music for it.

This is me! And friends! And I chose the black Herve Leger, mostly because I am a creature of habit, and I will be 96, and this will still be my NYE dress.


We went to Gotham Grill. It was nice! I think the best part of the meal with the roast turbo. There was dancing, and it was a good location to people watch and play Third Wife or Mistress (the rules of that game are pretty much contained in the title) so, that was lovely! Although there’s always a little bit of forced merriment to NYE, even when everything is perfectly executed.

This is Sam:


She says:

I got drunk with a close friend in my new city of Portland for the first time, witnessed an insane bar fight between two people who belong in a Monty Python film, and fell asleep while watching the Reunion episode of It’s Always Sunny with a peanut butter sandwich in hand.

This is Mallory.

mallory midnight

It is not commonly known but Mallory is a ghost, which is why she does not appear in pictures.

And Amanda stayed in and wore her full length Cynthia Rowley gown, which I think it very glamorous.


Jamie and Ashley never sent in pictures, so I presume they are dead.

I will be replacing them at TheGloss with the lovely Amanda – who you may know as Fabel – who sent in her picture, in which she is rocking sequins better than a 17 year old.


You can and should judge who did NYE the best. Probably Mallory, because ghosts party pretty hard.

And happy New Year’s Day to everyone!