the newsroom misogynistic

I swear, I almost never use the word misogynistic.

It’s partly because I don’t believe in a culture where we go around feeling victimized, and partly because I think it’s a term that gets wildly overused. Sometimes people are nasty to people just because they’re people, not because they’re women. By “sometimes” I mean “most of the time.”

So, when I kept hearing that The Newsroom was an incredibly misogynistic show, I thought, “Aaron Sorkin generally writes very well thought out female characters, people are probably just looking for an angle and have nothing else to write about.”

Then I watched the show.

No. I was wrong. Like Newsroom anchor Will McAvoy on the show, I am issuing a public apology for ever having thought that. I was wrong and I have failed you up until this moment.

Having watched it, from what I can gather, something must have happened to Aaron Sorkin that caused him to wake up one morning, drink a cup of coffee, chuckle about some bit of historical trivia, and then decide, “Wow. I REALLY hate women.” Why? Because women are the worst, you guys! They’re always watching reality TV and having panic attacks and yelling at you for no reason! Let’s break down some of the moments on the show that could lead a viewer to think that Sorkin thinks that women are all internet girls who don’t know how to high five.

Pictures via HBO/Newsroom