The GOP has recently stated that there will be no exceptions regarding their anti-choice policies, and that women should carry babies to term even in the case of rape.

I’d like to say that TheGloss is open to all political stances, but I will also say that this actually makes me feel sick to my stomach. Pregnancy itself seems like an incredibly difficult experience wherein someone has to grow inside your body. The idea of having to share your body against your will is deeply, deeply disturbing to me in any circumstances, but especially when doing so will be reminder every day of a terrible way you were violated.

Newsweek’s tumblr gets that. And in a really strong move they just changed their cursor to a wire hanger.

I think Sorkinisms makes a great point when she states:

Newsweek is getting a lot of shit for switching their cursor to a coat hanger today, as the GOP announced that there will be no rape exception (indeed no exceptions at all) in their new national platform of anti-choice politics. I understand why people would be shocked, disconcerted, and even disturbed by this display at, but I’m glad for it. People SHOULD BE shocked and horrified and disturbed and nauseous over the idea of returning to a time in America when women were forced to this absolute cruelest of medical procedures (abortion via coat hanger). People should be pissed, and notice I don’t say “women should be pissed” – PEOPLE. HUMAN BEINGS. Those of us who are breathing should be pissed that one of our own – millions of our own, half of our population – will be put in danger because of positively medieval thinking on behalf of the most removed-from-reality politicians of the GOP.

We’ll quote another woman – Faye Dunaway playing Joan Crawford – and say “no wire hangers, ever.”

Update: Apparently the Newsweek cursor was changed in response to the Huffington Post’s coat hanger. We still think it’s a bold move, but you can read more about it on Gawker.