is a picture of me from prom. As you can see, I looked psyched! I’m including it mostly to make Ashley feel worse than she already does about missing the prom because she was home-schooled. Because a lot of days, Ashley wakes up and thinks something is missing. She checks to make sure she has her keys, her wallet, everything. She does, but still, there’s the sense that something is not there. That is when I put on my Annie Potts “Pretty in Pink” costume and tell her “it’s because you missed prom.”

Since we’re once again entering prom season, let’s work together to fill Ashley in on all the magical memories she missed and just smush salt all into that wound. Did you go to prom? Did you deliberately skip prom in favor of something way better? Did you crash a prom? If you did any of these, and want to tell us about it in 600-800 words – or just share old prom photos – drop us a line at Jennifer [at] or Ashley [at]

[Ashley Ed. Note: You’re the worst.]