nicky-alex-full-house-grown-upMary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the most famous Full House twins, but they were not the only set of multiples on the show. When Uncle Jesse and Rebecca had kids of their own, the cast was joined by a pair of completely adorable twin boys. And now those baby twins are all grown up, and one of them is a fireman! Uncle Jesse would be so proud.

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While Mary-Kate and Ashley both played the single character of Michelle Tanner, Dylan and Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit played Jesse and Rebecca’s twin boys, Nicky and Alex.

Last we saw the twins in 1993, they were tiny adorable blond moppets with adorable bowl cuts who looked like this:


(Via Tumblr)

They were pretty darn adorable, and those haircuts make me want to pet their heads as though they were Comet, the Full House golden retriever. But now they’re all grown up, and they will make you feel super old, because Blake, who played Nicky, is now a fireman.


(Photo: Instagram/Zeerow1129)

Dylan, who played baby Alex, stayed in Hollywood, but not as an actor. He grew up and became a foley artist–the people who make sounds like squeaky floorboards and smashing heads in a studio–for things like Game of Thrones and Furious 7.


(Photo: Twitter/DC_Wilhoit)

According to IMDB the twins were born in November of 1990, which makes them 24 years old right now, even though that is impossible because 1990 was obviously only 10 years ago, right?